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The 2U rack mounted system delivers unparalleled performance, as well as it’s massive high speed storage which will meet all of the demands placed on it.  The disk capacity can be expanded up to 96Tb of onboard SSD storage.

Featuring the same UI as it's portable sibling, it brings all of the same ease of use functionality.  So capture, analysis and replay is a breeze.

The systems is well suited to the cyber security challenges placed on today's networks.   With a variety of use cases covering: DDOS attack analysis, cyber security & cyber forensics, network environmental survey, and in the identification of anomalous behaviours.  Furthermore, the platform also makes an ideal tool for use in a wide range of test lab environments. 


PacketRAID delivers remarkable performance and flexibility.  The ‘Raw Analysis’ mode allows signals with complex multiplexing to be snapped and decoded, packets extracted and structure displayed.  In the case of SDH/SONET, individual channels or GFP groups of interest can then be selected and recorded for longer periods.

All capture/replay ports are capable of operating independently.  Ports can support: LAN ethernet at both 10Gb/s and 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s WAN ethernet (over SDH/SONET), and STM64c POS.  Providing a comprehensive range of packet capture and raw recording of: OTU2, OTU2e, OTU1, STM-1/4/16/64 and 100MbE.

Huge I/O and processing performance, combined with a large amount of RAM makes PacketRAID an ideal platform on which to analyse recordings once made.  The intuitive GUI gives you immediate access to a wealth of data including: signal type, protocols, data rates, error rates, and payload information.




  • Dual 8-core hyper-threaded Xeon E5 v4 3.2GHz

  • 256 GiB 2166MHz ECC DDR4

  • 96TB removable SSD in RAID0/50/60

  • 2-12 10G ports for LAN/WAN/PoS

  • Dual hot-swap 1kW PSUs

  • IPMI BMC controller for remote management

  • Dual port 10GbE or single port 40GbE NIC

  • Stock Linux kernel with XFS filing system

  • 2U rackmount chassis

  • Precision time-stamping and accurate replay