PacketRAID’s ‘Raw Analysis’ mode allows signals with complex multiplexing to be snapped and decoded, packets extracted and structure displayed.  In the case of SDH/SONET, individual channels or GFP groups of interest can then be selected and recorded for longer periods.

Huge I/O and processing performance, combined with a large amount of RAM makes PacketRAID an ideal platform on which to analyse recordings once made.

The intuitive GUI gives you immediate access to a wealth of data including: signal type, protocols, data rates, error rates, and payload information.

The analysis suite allows users to readily access and visualise information such as:

  • Bit, packet and error rates monitored

  • Stats archived per port and per recording

  • Graph and zoom data interactively



Either PacketRAID variant can also be supplied with a pre-loaded version of Moloch.  This provides a further level of analysis capability.

This offers the ability to very easily look at the data from the captured PCAP files in a number of different ways.  These PCAP files can be loaded into Moloch for:

  • TCP session analysis

  • IP geolocation identification

  • AS breakdowns

  • Filtering

  • Searching