We provide a diverse range of services to our clients from: pre-sales assistance with initial designs and proof-of-concept projects through to providing detailed technical proposals, consultancy work and specialist advice for IT security solutions.

Our flexibility enables us to offer these services on an ad-hoc basis, or alternatively we can work alongside you and your teams for extended contracted periods of engagement. We will work together with your staff to develop solutions to overcome your most challenging problems.



  • Optical Access Techniques

    • With extensive experience in optical access techniques and practices, we offer an unrivalled level of expertise in key technical operations such as:

      • Optical environmental survey

      • Optical access (techniques and equipment)

      • Optical signals processing and analytics

  • Specialist Design and Development

    • Design and Consultancy - The Packet Company is able to provide you with a wide range of Cyber related Research and Development tasks specifically tailored to meet your project or business needs.  This could range from specific advice on operational optical access techniques, systems and tradecraft all the way through to writing both Requirement and Tender Documents for complete Cyber Security Projects.

    • Product Development - We have a long standing history of working very closely with our customers and are always very happy to receive feature requests for both new capabilities to be added into our existing products and for new products.  All such requests will be given careful consideration for inclusion into our existing Product Roadmaps and over the years our loyal customers have had a considerable influence on the feature rich product lines we now build.  

  • Advisory Services

    • We can provide a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the capture, interpretation and analysis of telecoms signals, and network traffic. With extensive experience of using a variety of packet capture tools and applications. 

    • Optical Fibre Familiarisation Course - in conjunction with our technology partner we are able provide you with the services of a highly knowledgeable and experienced trainer who is also a qualified Doctor (PhD) in Photonics.  Not only will he explain the physics and technologies behind optical transmissions, he will also give you an insight into his first hand experiences of working in the front line of this diverse and demanding engineering field.



  • 24 x 7 x 365 Peace of Mind

    • Our products are supplied with a comprehensive Support and Maintenance package.  This gives you access to software and firmware updates, these updates will include new features as soon as they are made available.  

    • If you need to raise a support ticket for any of your Packet Company products please call us using our main number on: +44 (0)844 310 3330

  • Problem Reporting

    • For other, non-urgent issues, please feel free to send us an email at support@packet.company. To assist us, please include the following within your email:

      • Details of the device (model and serial number)

      • A brief problem description

      • Any other helpful information (i.e. screen shots, diagnostic reports, error messages, network topology diagrams, etc)

  • Knowledge Base

    • Coming soon - we are currently in the production stages of creating a library of short informational videos. These videos will be across a wide range of topics, from tutorials on the use of our products through to information about the latest technical challenges in the telecoms world.

  • Downloads

    • Firmware Updates

    • Software Updates

    • Moloch



By joining our exciting Certified Reseller programme we will ensure that your staff receive access to the training and resources necessary to meet the demands your customer's technical challenges and requirements.

Our Reseller Team will provide your key staff with a range of technical and sales training, including;

  • Use and operation of the recorders

  • Understanding analysis results

  • Use of the API for automation

  • Regular webinars and video based training

  • Sales training including initial lead opportunities within your global region

In addition we will work with you to establish a scaleable ecosystem, giving you access to critical resources;

  • Our resource library featuring data sheets, technical papers and support tools

  • Virtualised instances for training and delivering demonstrations

  • Marketing tools

  • Configuration & pricing calculators providing you with fantastic margin opportunities



Please complete the Reseller Enquiry form below regarding membership of our reseller programme. 

We are currently looking for Value Add Resellers from across the globe.



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