All-in-One Portable Network Recorder

Multi-Port -- Multi-Format -- Multi-Speed


PacketRAID delivers remarkable performance and flexibility with an intuitive GUI in a portable platform. Designed for use in test labs and in network security applications, it can record and replay almost any type of traffic at a wide range of speeds.


2-12 Ports

Each port rated up to 10G

Takes standard SFP+ optics

Supports 850, 1310 and 1550nm



Record and replay at the same time

Mixed formats across all ports

Synchronise start across multiple ports


Remote Control

JSON API for control and monitoring

All operations can be automated

Optionally use PAM for authentication


Ethernet - standard LANPHY

Ethernet over SDH - WANPHY

SONET / SDH - concatenated PoS


Intuitive GUI

Simple to control and manage

Multiple users allowed at the same time

Command line and scripting fully supported


Open Platform

Runs standard CentOS

Full root access provided

Install custom analytics


Record LAN and WAN from 1G, 10G, 40G

Record packets from concatenated STM-64

Record raw bits from 100MbE to OTU2e


Graphs and Stats

Bit, packet and error rates monitored

Stats archived per port and per recording

Graph and zoom data interactively


Solid State Storage

Large SSD data RAID array

Standard Linux XFS filesystem

>40Gb/s sustained read/write throughput

Portable PacketRAID Specifications

Portable PacketRAID can record and replay up to 12 1G packet streams, 4 10G packet streams, or 1 40G packet stream at once - any mix of LAN ethernet, WAN ethernet and PoS (SDH).  It can also record and replay signals at the raw bit level including STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, channelised STM-64, OTU2 and OTU2e.

All data is stored on a very high speed SSD RAID array - optimised for sustained throughput and built with a standard Linux filing system (XFS). The use of solid state technology allows PacketRAID to record on some ports whilst replaying on others concurrently - there are no disk seek times to impact performance. Data can be imported or exported over NFS, SMB or any other standard protocol.

All aspects of the PacketRAID can be remote-controlled, and sample scripts are provided for BASH and Python. Within The Packet Company, we use this feature to automate product testing via Jenkins.

  • 8-core hyper-threaded Xeon E5 v4 3.2GHz
  • 128 GiB 2166MHz ECC DDR4
  • 32TB removable SSD in RAID array
  • Up to 12 ports (1G, 10G) for LAN/WAN/PoS/Raw, or 3 40G ports
  • IPMI BMC controller for remote management
  • Dual port 10GbE or single port 40GbE NIC
  • Stock Linux kernel with XFS filing system
  • Field portable chassis
  • Precision time-stamping and accurate replay

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