Firmware Upgrade Issues

There has been a lot of talk in the press over the last few days about problems with upgrading the firmware in the 850 Pro series. Several people have reported apparently bricked SSDs after trying to install the latest version '2B6Q'. This had us concerned as we had just bought a number of new 850 Pro SSDs, and they all came with 2B6Q factory-installed. The question was whether it was the firmware itself that was at fault, or something about the upgrade process. We decided to contact Samsung for clarification, and had the following response which we thought was worth sharing:

"The firmware issues with this update were not caused by the firmware itself, but by the software solution. As you already have the newest firmware and it has been proven to function correctly and well, you can use the SSDs just as intended."

So it seems that the firmware itself is fine, and we will be upgrading our test SSD as soon as the process is fixed (the disk is currently running the previous version '1B6Q'). We'll let you know how things go.