How We Came to Run the Test

My company, Innova, provides consultancy and product development services for storage and network monitoring.  As such, we are particularly interested in platforms and components that can help us deliver high-speed sequential reading and writing - for data and network traffic record / replay. So when we heard that Samsung had updated their SSD line-up with the 850 Pro, we were keen to find out more.  The predecessor 840 Pros had been a huge success, and the new range was interesting for two reasons: it doubled the maximum size to 1TB; and used 3D NAND for the first time in a pro-sumer disk. Our initial testing focussed on performance and consistency - and the 850 Pro passed both areas with flying colours.  We then came to the trickier issue of endurance.  Samsung rate the whole range the same: 150TBW (terabytes written).  This is surprising, given that the SSDs vary in size from 128GB to 1TB - you would expect the write threshold to scale with the drive capacity. With no obvious explanation for this limitation, there was only one way to find out just how long an 850 Pro would last in practice: